1. Rejuvenative foods—for the “Baby Boomer” feeling the aging process, as well as younger people who’ve perhaps indulged a bit too much in junk food and are now realizing why it was called “junk”. The stressful world in which we find ourselves spurs us to deep nourishment—just to keep up. So what are rejuvenative foods? “Superfoods” which pack lots of nutrients into a not-so-calorie-laden servings. Think kale chips—yummy superfood with a spicy coating, low-temperature dried to crunchy perfection.

2. Sustainable foods—the buzzword with a lot of meaning for conscious, thinking individuals. Organic, yes–even “Beyond Organic” foods, nutritionally-balanced from the soil up. No room here for nasty chemical sprays or genetic modifications brought to agriculture by Big Chemical corporations. Instead, our World is refreshed with wholesome, natural products.

3. Living foods—raw foods, as nature intended, with their full complement of live enzymes and nutrients undamaged by heat. These are powerful healing and energizing foods. Food scientists do their magic by combining these miraculous foods in tantalizing ways and packaging them so they stay vibrant until consumed.

4. Exotic foods—Consumers these days want more than just lunch, they want an adventure! Bring on the durian, the mangosteen, the abiu, the cherimoya. Never tried these? From lands far away come the king and queen of fruits, along with the princes and princesses.

5. Nutrition-Farmed foods—These foods have been carefully produced using a “Beyond Organic” Growing System™ which maximizes nutrient content, flavor, and shelf life. The growing system can enhance all four of the above categories. It all starts by balancing the full spectrum of soil nutrients so the plants can express their potentials. The lucky consumers are, in turn, supported in their own amazing potentials.