Love yourself enough to grow and eat the best food ever!  We have a package for all budgets and goals. Don’t have much time but want to get started growing the nutrient-rich garden of your dreams? Try one of our interactive packages. We also have a basic information-only course for those who want to see what it is all about without a large investment.

Home Garden Packages

“Beyond Organic” Nutrition Grown™

Thes packages were designed for Home Gardeners with a focus on the Ultimate Nutritional Content, Superior Flavor, and Extended Shelf Life achieved with Environmentally-Sustainable methods. The aim is to “Create Health from the Soil Up”by producing exceptionally nutrient-rich foods using “Beyond Organic” Nutrition Grown™ techniques.


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We have a package available for any budget. All represent a tremendous value. Not ready to invest in one of our Done with you Packages? We have our Basic Information only course available now for only $97! Only for a limited time!

Basic Information Package

Videos-Only Package: For the person that perhaps isn’t ready to fully jump into growing, but wants to learn the concepts of starting a Beyond Organic, Nutrition Grown™ garden

19 Videos with Handouts to start your journey to a Nutrition Grown™ garden.  



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Perfect Soil Course

The Perfect Soil™ course: If you want to gain a deeper understanding of these concepts, my best recommendation is to take my interactive, online video Perfect Soil™ course. This makes for a fun and supportive environment for learning and applying the knowledge.  

  • 19 Teaching Videos with handouts to help you learn.
  • Online group calls for fun sharing and additional live teaching by Dr. Bogs.
  • Optimized Nutrition Grown™ Analysis for your garden with over 20 parameters.
  • Bonus #1—7 fun & easy, at-home soil tests.
  • Bonus #2—in-depth, fully color illustrated e-book for more details and as reference.



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Done-For-You Garden Optimizing Makeover

The Done-For-You Garden Optimizing Makeover is especially great for those with less free time.

  • Optimized Nutrition Grown Analysis interpreted for Maximizing Food Nutrient Content.
  • Customized, Ready-to-Apply Soil Nutrient Package of only the finest quality, organically-approved soil nutrients for up to 200 square feet (this is a large array of nutrients balanced specifically for YOUR garden).
  • 3 half-hour Personalized One-on-One Consulting Sessions with Dr. Bogs to step you through the makeover process and get your garden optimized quickly with minimal effort
  • Free Email Support by Dr. Bogs for quick questions between consulting sessions



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Ultimate Package

Ultimate Combination Package: My absolute best recommendation for you to quickly achieve a Nutrition Grown garden is a combination of the Perfect Soil course and the Done-With-You Garden Optimizing Makeover.

Get the best of both the Perfect Soil™ course and the Done-With-You Garden Optimizing Makeover™ in one ultimate best value package.  

All 19 Videos w/ Handouts

Personalized 1-1 Consulting

Optimized Nutrition Grown™ Analysis

Customized Ready to Apply Nutrient Package



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We are new to farming and for two years have been trying to establish a small orchard on former sugar cane land using permaculture practices.  We were starting to think we had black thumbs, as our plantings were growing very slowly and looking pale and diseased.  After meeting Jana at an ag fair, we scheduled an on-site consultation and soil test with her.  We learned that our soil was deficient in quite a few nutrients.  Jana provided a detailed analysis and prescription for correcting the pH and amending our soil.  We noticed positive results within a few months.  Our plantings seem much happier and healthier now!  Everything is greener, the bananas are producing keiki and fruit, and our lilikoi is flowering and setting fruit.  In time we hope we can create a regenerative agroforestry system that requires little or no fertilizer inputs, but we needed balanced soil to begin with.  Mahalo, Jana!

Lisa and Mark

Pepe`ekeo, HI

In order to take control of your health, I recommend you make an attempt to grow your own food the beyond organic way.

Dr. Jordan Rubin

Author, The Maker's Diet

Let’s Build Your Nutrition Grown Garden today!