Hi Garden Friends!

Today at 10am PDT, thousands of people from all around the world will gather for the Superfood Garden Summit.

Together, we are creating a healthier happier life for ourselves, our communities and the planet. That’s awesome!

My friends at Grow Your Own Vegetables and master garden trainer, Stacey Murphy, have teamed up with visionary gardeners from around the globe to offer you best practices for an abundant garden full of fresh food, ripe for the picking.

And not just any food… Superfoods! These are plants that are chock full of nutrients that help prevent disease and make you feel great!

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To kick things off on your first day of the Superfood Garden Summit, you’ll learn how to plan your superfood garden for big harvests packed with nutrition. And it’s not just about vegetables! Learn how adding flowers to your garden can give your garden veggies a leg up AND add beauty and nutrients to your plate.

Adding Flowers to Your Garden with Stacey Murphy: Flowers add so much beauty to your garden, but they do a lot more than that! Adding flowers to your garden invites pollinators and beneficial insects to your garden and can actually deter pests. Learn which flowers gardeners love and how to choose flowers that are right for your space and climate.

Super Easy and Fun to Grow Superfoods with Ocean Robbins: Superfoods don’t have to break the bank! Most everything you grow in your garden is a superfood…because you grew it. In this interview, Stacey chats with Food Revolution Network’s Ocean Robbins about how he was almost named Kale, his favorite childhood memories from growing up in the garden, and his favorite foods to grow (and eat!).

Edible Flower & Herb Walk with Kami McBride: Join Kami for a gorgeous and nutritious stroll through edible flowers! She’ll show wild varieties to look for, ones you can plant in your garden, and how to incorporate them into your meals. Edible flowers are full of nutrients and they add beauty to your plante…beauty is the nutrient of the soul!

The Superfood Perpetual Harvest Hack with Paul & Edwin Dyslinger: Learn the 3-step garden planning formula that will give you continuous, year-round harvests in almost any climate. Choose your plants and growing medium, and learn to assess your garden space for prime growing locations–for every season!

But wait… there’s more:

Enter to win garden prize giveaways! They are giving away over $1,100 in garden prizes. 🙌🏽

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Be sure to watch for my presentation on Saturday, including the Q & A discussion.

Blessings,  Dr. Jana Bogs

p.s. You’ll have 24 hours to watch today’s presentations … they will be available until 10am PDT / 1pm EDT tomorrow. So go get yourself registered and take full advantage of the Superfood Garden Summit today! (←embed your customized link)