Hi Friends!

You CAN take control of your life, your health, and your happiness… It starts with homegrown, nutrient-dense food!

How can you tell how fresh and healthy grocery store produce actually is?

All fruits and vegetables start losing precious nutrients as soon as they’re picked! And for some crops, you can be eating them weeks or even months later.

For example, did you know that most grocery store carrots are 1 to 9 months old depending on when you buy them?

Cold storage does help fresh vegetables last longer. But chemical coatings, gasses, waxes, and soy-based proteins are also used to keep produce from spoiling on the long trip from the farm to your table.

And they aren’t very good for your immune system either.

The true solution to better health and better food is right in your backyard… It’s gardening! Because gardens HEAL.

When you plant a garden, you aren’t just growing your own food. You’re planting seeds of hope.

Hope for a healthier body with less pain and more energy.
Hope that you can feed your family and rely less on the grocery store.
Hope that you’re healing the planet for your kids and grandkids.

I call them seeds of hope because gardening gives you real, solid proof that you’re taking a step forward to claim your health and independence.

Which is why I’d like to invite you to a special FREE event hosted by my friends at Grow Your Own Vegetables and master gardener trainer, Stacey Murphy.

In just a couple of weeks she’s hosting the 6th Annual Superfood Garden Summit, and I have been invited to be one of the speakers.

It’s an event for health-conscious people like you. We want to show you how to get MORE from a green lifestyle of fresh food.

Growing food is simpler than most people think… especially when you know exactly what to do. That’s why this summit has 16+ visionary growers who will share with you their tips to supercharge your garden.

Here are just a few things you’ll discover in this online event:

  • The simple steps to growing nutrient-dense superfoods… anywhere, all year long.
  • Common mistakes to avoid so you can grow a more abundant harvest with less work.
  • An action plan to create NOW to be READY for your peak growing season so you can avoid the overwhelm.
  • How to grow bigger, healthier harvests by optimizing the nutrient density of all your edible plants.
  • Start supercharging your soil and choosing a composting system to make your gardening easier and more bountiful.

>>Click here to claim your spot at the FREE online Superfood Garden Summit

The Superfood Garden Summit is a LIVE, interactive event happening from June 22-25. You’ll discover step-by-step how to get MORE nutrients from your homegrown superfoods!

Imagine food SO FRESH that you can FEEL the vitality in every last morsel.

Growing food is a part of a green lifestyle. Your green lifestyle doesn’t end when the weather changes. The experts at this summit will teach you how to stretch the boundaries of your growing season so that you ALWAYS have fresh, organic food year-round.

>>Reserve your spot to this totally FREE, global online event here

Whether you’ve never planted a seed, think you have a brown thumb, or you’ve been growing for years… the summit growers will walk you through their best secrets for growing at every level.

You’ll know exactly what to do next to enjoy supercharged health right at your fingertips!

Because your family deserves access to fresh, clean food. And growing your own is one of the best ways to do just that.

My summit presentation is on Saturday, June 25th.  I will be taking questions LIVE.  Hope to see you there!

Dr. Jana Bogs