Nutritional Perspective

Doctor: “Food has nothing to do with your disease.”

Your internal voice: “That can’t be right. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and many other problems are caused by junk food.”

Lesson: Listen to your internal voice. Your doctor most likely has no nutritional training, and therefore has no platform to make such an obviously flawed statement.

With thanks to Dr. Peter Osborne, an excellent functional medicine doctor (one who seeks the cause of problems) based near Houston, Texas.

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  1. Claire DGaia says:

    Are you aware of Dan Kittredge’s work? 5 years health has taught 2,000 farmers in 26 states how to grow nutrient dense food,( measured with refractometer,for high Brix levels )starting east coast. I am a BFA member,volunteer to get the word out.have been RN 40 yrs. Thank you!

    • Dr. Jana Bogs says:

      Hi Claire, Yes, I know Dan Kittredge and worked on a project with him a while back. I even wrote some material for his website.
      I discuss Brix in my book and in my online courses, as well as offer Brix testing with a digital refractometer as a service. Brix testing was part of my dissertation work also. Brix testing is only one tool in my toolkit. By its nature, it is not comprehensive, but only a general indicator of nutrient density. Many factors must be taken into consideration.
      Thanks for writing in! Dr. Jana


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