Beyond Organic to Nutrition Grown™️

RE-Create health from the SOIL up!

Every year, modern growing methods strip increasing amounts of nutrients from the soil in which we grow our foods. Sadly, each successive generation of crops is truly less good for us than the one before.

I’m Dr. Jana Bogs and I’d like to help you heal your garden from the ground up!

Perfect Soil™️ is my award-winning, research-proven process to start that healing. Whether you’re a home gardener or dedicated grower, this program will show you step-by-step how to restore and DOUBLE the food nutrient content of what you grow.

Restore and DOUBLE the food nutrient content of what you grow.

With Perfect Soil™ and Dr. Bogs, you will:

  • GROW abundant yields of delicious, super nutritious foods.
  • WORK with Nature to restore your soil.
  • LEARN exactly what to put in your soil to grow the best food ever.
  • STOP worrying about pests and diseases damaging your crops.
  • WIN the war against weeds without toxic chemicals.
  • REAP the rewards of nutritionally-abundant foods!

The Perfect Place to Start for Perfect Soil™!

Guide your garden to yielding delicious, nutrient-rich crops and increase your output. These are the scientifically-backed techniques and growing methods to start improving your garden immediately.  

Learn step-by-step with Dr. Bogs how to perfect your soil and grow amazing food!

Take Your Crops To The Next Level

Geared towards the grower eager to further the nutrition of their soil and crops, this online community-based classroom uses group calls to answer your questions, explore new growing practices and address specific challenges you may have with your own garden or farm.  

It also includes a comprehensive soil analysis from an accredited lab testing for 18 minerals in your soil. This report is interpreted for nutrient-dense growing to customize our recommendations for your property’s specific growing needs, as well as 7 useful soil tests for you to do at home. 

Certified Nutritious & Delicious

For dedicated and professional growers, the Certificate Course sets you apart from the competition by helping you grow visibly superior crops with a difference you can taste!

This course is focused on fine-tuning your growing operation with more in-depth analyses of your actual produce.

You’ll get a leaf tissue analysis with a foliar spray recommendation.  You will also get a final food product analysis with comparison to USDA values to show the true differences you have achieved in food quality PLUS individual calls with Dr. Bogs to take your farm Beyond Organic.

Learn how to grow super high quality foods in your own garden or farm with the support of an instructor and a group of fellow students.  Perfect Soilis the award-winning, scientifically-backed program aimed to help keep you motivated to do just that!

Ready to taste the difference in your food? There’s NO RISK! Perfect Soil™ courses come with a money-back guarantee.


Coming from a holistic nutritionist background, I found the almost 70% decline in food nutrient content over the last few decades (even in organic foods) alarming. I realized I needed to go back to the soil and learn how to grow truly nutrient-rich foods.

Learning what I could from people around the globe, getting a PhD in horticulture and food science, and performing innovative research from soil to human blood, I poured my efforts into creating an award-winning system for producing outstanding quality foods with huge increases in nutrient content.

Perfect Soil is part of that mission – to introduce growers at every level to the quest for the best food ever.

Join the Beyond Organic to Nutrition Grown™ movement!