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A White Christmas in Hawaii?

Happy Holidays!   Yes, we get snow every year on Mauna Kea, which means “white mountain”, and on Mauna Loa, which means “long mountain”.  These mountains are nearly 14,000 feet high.  Mauna Loa is the largest cubic volume mountain in the world, and still considered an active volcano.  We are blessed on the Big Island […]

In Honor of World Soil Day

By honoring the soil through beyond organic gardening techniques, we can grow amazing foods which help us to be our very best!  Here’s a podcast interview of Dr. Jana Bogs by Jonathan Landsman of Natural Health 365, a very popular website: NH365 101: Going beyond organic foods – Growing techniques for maximum nutrition and flavor […]

Breaking News: Nutrition Farming article in West Hawaii Today

Our Nutrition Farming for Hawaii (NFH) research and demonstration garden made front page news in the North Hawaii News section of West Hawaii Today.  The article is titled Kapaau Superfoods: NFH Project makes Significant Strides in 2017, by Landry Fuller.  Here’s the link– http://westhawaiitoday.com/north-hawaii-news/nhn-news/nutrient-rich-foods-blossom-kapaau-nfh-project-makes-significant-strides. For crop and soil data from our Nutrition Farming for Hawaii project, […]

Proof: Nutrition Farming Project Improves Soil

Nutrition Farming for Hawaii is a grant-funded project located at HIP Agriculture in Kapa`au, Hawaii and fiscally sponsored by the North Kohala Community Resource Center (NKCRC).  The aim is to increase food nutritional content.  This starts with improving the soil. This spring, our ¼-acre research and demonstration garden was fertilized according to a Nutrition Grown™ […]

Soil Microbial Analysis Changes with Nutrition Farming for Hawaii Project

Not all microbes are bad.  Human bodies contain about as many microbial cells as actual human cells.  This is called the human microbiome.  We live symbiotically with the microbes.  We actually could not live without them! Our microbiome shifts as we change our diet and environment.  We receive healthy microbes from good, aerobic (oxygenated) soil. […]

More Impressive Crop Data from Nutrition Farming Project

Work continues in the Nutrition Farming for Hawaii (NFH) Research and Demonstration Garden.  Here are some more impressive examples of increased nutrient content from our first year as compared to USDA Food Nutrient Database published values. Below are two crops, red curly lettuce and green onions.  Most values show good gains over the USDA values. […]

More Exciting Data from the Nutrition Farming for Hawaii Project

  Here is some beautiful summer lettuce which resists bolting in the heat.  These heads are about a foot across. Here’s the nutrient content of these Nutrition Grown™ lettuce heads showing significant increases in nutrients especially needed in the human diet.  (Most diets contain plenty of phosphorus and sodium.)           Beautiful […]