Broccoli 3X Bigger with Beyond Organic Growing System(TM)

Here are some more fantastic results from Susan, who is a student in the Perfect Soil™ Certificate Course.  Remember, from my last blog post, the broccoli at the back of the kale beds?  They have matured, and here are some pictures of the comparison.  Susan says, of herself and her gardening friends, “We are thrilled.”

(Above) Broccoli grown with Beyond Organic Growing System™ (BOGS™) with hands in photo for size comparison.


Broccoli grown with typical organic-type method Susan has used previously (compare to her hand size for perspective)


Susan made every effort to have a good comparison trial, such as planting the seeds from the same seed packet, at the same time, watering the same, etc.  The difference was the fertilization according to a Nutrition Grown™ soil analysis, which is part of the Beyond Organic Growing System™ (BOGS™).  Great work, Susan!

Join with us in growing the best food ever by enrolling in the Perfect Soil™ Course.  Click here for more info.  The course consists of a video series you can watch on your own schedule, a comprehensive Nutrition Grown™ soil analysis, one-on-one support, group calls, and more.

The Nutrition Grown™ soil analysis is much more comprehensive than typical soil tests, including pH, Total Cation Exchange Capacity, Organic Matter %, Base Saturation Percentages including Exchangeable Hydrogen, Sulfur, Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Boron, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Aluminum, and Estimated Nitrogen Release, plus rarely tested, but very important, elements Cobalt, Molybdenum, Selenium, and Silicon, along with electrical conductivity (EC) .  Exact calculations are made, along with balancing ratios between various elements.  Don’t worry if you don’t understand all of these items.  The recommendations will be made clear and easy to implement.  The recommendations are also made in keeping with the USDA’s organic certification guidelines.  The Nutrition Grown™ soil analysis with discussion can also be ordered separately from the course by clicking here.

Good Growing!

Dr. Jana

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  1. Martin says:

    Martin, Dr. Jana Bogs, Would you pass on to SaraC (Above) that there is a growing group of people called InPower Movement who help People like SaraC with Smart Mater problems to have them removed and end the Smart Maeter problem forever. Martin

  2. SaraC says:

    My husband has been growing vegetables since he was a teenager. He was reading “Organic Gardening” In the 60’s. He was disappointed in organic standards allowing for fungicide which is as toxic as pesticide. This is why he grows his own. My concern is for our bees. We grow a lot of berries. Our power company wants to put a smart meter on our house. Non compliance means they turn off your power regardless of perfect payment record. I read that the radiation from smart meters kills honey bees. We need healthy bees. We have a lot of pollinating work for them to do. Are you aware of this problem?

    • Dr. Jana Bogs says:

      Hi Sara, You have a real concern. Smart meters are very bad news for humans too. (For those who are wondering–Smart meters are digital, instead of having a wheel that turns.) You may be able to shield it with aluminum or some other means. Pay attention to radiation of all types, i.e. cell phones, wi-fi, wires in the wall, etc. Turn off the power when you sleep and/or use shielding materials. There are blankets and bed canopies that block radiation. Even if you turn off your house power, you could still be exposed to other radiation from the surrounding area. There are also various meters for radiation. Take good care, Dr. Jana


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