VIDEO: Trees are Dying Everywhere, We’re Next

Ten years ago, when I was working on my PhD at Colorado State University, I visited the Rocky Mountain National Park.  Dying trees everywhere! About half of the forest appeared dead.  The question was “Why?”.  It has been blamed on pine bark beetles proliferating due to warmer than usual winters.  My thought at the time, which I shared with a fellow graduate student who was focusing on the problem, was that it may have something to do with the enormous rise in the use of electromagnetic frequencies.

Ohia and other trees are dying here in Hawaii forests.  This is blamed on a fungal disease.  The disease condition is termed “Rapid Ohia Death”.  Could it be more than just a fungus?

The scenario repeats itself around the world, with forests, fruit trees, nut trees, vineyards, and trees in parks.  What has changed in the environment?  We’ve had extremes of weather throughout millennia.  Why can’t the trees cope with this?

This video gives some insight into what has changed:  CLICK HERE for VIDEO

Fortunately, trees given extra TLC (tender loving care) do respond well.  Trees that have the nutrients they need have a much greater coping ability.  Do you have a tree that needs some TLC?  Think about having its soil tested with a comprehensive soil analysis, and giving it the specific types and amounts of nutrients it needs.  You can also help it bounce back quickly with foliar nutrient sprays that are customized for your ailing tree by using a leaf tissue analysis.  Well nourished, healthy trees do not succumb to insects and diseases.

Trees are critical to life as we know it.  Time to make some changes!

Best,  Dr. Jana

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  1. marshall flores says:

    It’s not the “drought”… these trees evolved over thousands of years to deal with these weather variations
    Try tracking the increases in glyphosate use and the fact that once introduced into the environment it does not dissipate but accumulates…. and it progresively kills the soil micro-biome which causes the flash death seen in all tree species.

  2. marshall flores says:

    dying trees are due to the ever increasing amount of Glyphosate (round-up) introduced into the environment on a yearly basis…
    the cover story is put out there thru the Ag university system that it’s a beetle, it’s a virus, it’s a fungus,it’s sulfur dioxide, it’s chem trails, it’s emf’s, it’s uv rays…etc… but the reality is that before the introduction of this product, this condition was not really a problem.
    I lived in Breckenridge Colo. during the 1970’s and early 1980’s and there was no such issues with the trees back then.


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