Magical Hawai’i Land for Sale

Imagine your own 20-acre Hawaiian Paradise! We call it “The Enchanted Forest of Ohia Mana”. The much celebrated Ohia trees are indigenous to Hawaii and produce Lehua blossoms, typically fiery red, but also yellow and orange. Ohia Lehua is the official blossom of the Big Island of Hawaii. It is worn by pa’u riders (fancifully-dressed women on horseback) representing the Big Island in parades. Ohia trees are the first trees to grow in lava fields. It is amazing to see the trees happily springing forth from lava rocks and displaying their gorgeous red blossoms. It has been many thousands of years since lava flowed across this land, yet the Ohia are still here. The wood is especially prized for natural building poles in homes.

“Mana” means powerful energy. You will feel this energy when you step on the land. The air is sweet and clean. Ohia Mana is a very special place on the skirts of Mauna Loa, which is the largest mountain in the world measured in cubic content. Mauna Loa, translated “Long Mountain”, is almost 14,000 feet tall. If measured from its base in the bottom of the ocean, it is also nearly the tallest mountain in the world, only slightly outdone by its sister, Mauna Kea. Mauna Kea translates as “White Mountain” because of the snow it receives in the winter and spring. Mauna Loa is often white capped as well.

Ohia Mana was inhabited long ago. There are nearby lava tubes with bits of charcoal still on the floor of the caves which lit the way for ancient Hawaiians. The land itself has at least one lava tube. This lava tube is almost a legend; however it was seen by two people several years ago. That is part of the mystery of The Enchanted Forest of Ohia Mana. A 20 acre forest is large enough to hide many mysteries. What will you discover?

Several old moss-covered stone roads have been found meandering through the property. A 5-foot high, 35-foot long stone bridge spans a gulch near the middle of the land. It is thought that this road was used long ago to bring water down to lower, dry land from a large spring up the mountain in the forest. A stone wall circle about 25 feet in diameter stands near what we believe to be a fresh water spring. A stone lined pit, thought to be a well long ago, is yet another mystery. The stone Ginger Gateway may have been an entrance to someone’s home.

Ohia trees share the land with other magnificent old trees. Cypress Giganticus is over 5 feet in diameter at the narrowest part of its waist. It is our favorite place to camp. There are towering Eucalyptus, Robusta and other varieties. Wild Guava trees give fruit every year. Some of the trees on the property could be used for building or sold for lumber. There is a lumber mill in a town nearby.

The land is in the district of Ka’u, now famous for the Best Coffee in the World. The annual Ka’u Coffee Festival has much to celebrate, because even famous Kona coffee has had to take a back seat to Ka’u coffee. Neighbors are growing coffee on their land. Ohia Mana would be perfect for shade-grown coffee, with the trees all living harmoniously. Using Beyond Organic farming methods may set the stage for winning a future world class coffee cupping contest. There is currently very little competition for certified organic Ka’u coffee. The land could be certified immediately because nothing has been done to disqualify it. Raising organic coffee is a viable business as organic Hawaiian coffee beans sell for over $30 per pound.

Ohia Mana has about 700 feet of direct paved road frontage and electric power access. The road dead ends about a half mile up into a National Park and the Ka’u Forest Reserve which have many miles of 4-wheel-drive roads and trails for hiking. One could even hike to the summit of Mauna Loa if so fit and motivated! The entire area along the road has only large acreage lots, so it’s not crowded, but instead very beautiful and pristine. The nearest full service town is about 7 miles away, but a gas station and store (arguably the oldest on the island) are about 3 to 4 miles away.

The Enchanted Forest is a nice rectangular shape, not the “spaghetti type” often seen in Hawaii. It is about twice as deep as it is wide, so a house site could sit well back from the road. It is at the wonderful 2000 foot elevation, which allows for moderate year-round rainfall, as well as pleasant year-round temperatures. One striking advantage of this elevation is the almost complete lack of annoying insects. There are, of course, no snakes anywhere in Hawaii. The land itself is relatively level, with only a slight slope from back to front and some interesting undulation near the middle, hence the bridge. Therefore, it is very useable land.

What is the price of Paradise? Less than you might think! Only $397,500—that’s less than $20,000 per acre!
Will “The Enchanted Forest of Ohia Mana” be yours?

For sale by owner. Not listed on MLS. Contact Dr. Frederick Kennedy (808) 494-7920 (Hawaii time) or

News Flash!  A 16′ x 32′ Cabin now being built on property.  (This means the price may be changing soon!  It also means that it will be easier to get financing when it is completed.  Ask Dr. Kennedy.)

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